In Québec, there are several types of courts, also called "courts of justice". Quebecers have the right to an impartial hearing by an independent tribunal to settle their disputes or to be judged on an infraction.

There are three major categories of courts in charge of rendering justice: judicial courts, administrative tribunals and specialized tribunals.

To find out what each court or tribunal looks after, the nature of the matter in question must be taken into consideration as well as the amount at stake and the geographic location of the parties.

Your lawyer can help you and guide you in the world of justice.

For more information on matters behind the scenes of justice, watch the Droit de savoir programs (in French).

Free or low-cost resources

When asserting your rights, explore the various resources available to you, because you may have access to free or low-cost resources offered by the Barreau du Québec, the government, the regional bars or lawyers' associations, community organizations or universities.

Legal aid

Maybe you are entitled to legal aid, which enables you to be represented by a lawyer whose fees are paid by the government.

To check whether you are eligible, contact the Legal Aid office nearest to your home or consult the Website of the Commission des services juridiques.

Legal fees insurance

Are you benefiting from legal fees insurance? Some home or automobile insurance policies include legal insurance or legal expense insurance enabling you to be compensated under certain circumstances for part of the fees paid to your lawyer. So check with your insurer before consulting a lawyer.

Consult the legal insurance Website for more information.

Legal assistance

Consider legal assistance. Most insurers, along with some insurance policies, offer access to a legal information service by phone, provided by lawyers who can answer your questions. This service is free of charge.

It is also possible to obtain pro bono or low-cost services
that can meet various legal needs.

Community justice centres in Québec

Community justice centres offer information, support and referral services to complement existing legal resources. There are six centres: in Montréal, Chandler, Gatineau, Saguenay, Rimouski and Québec City.

Visit the Website of the community justice centres for more information.

30 minutes of low-cost or free consultation

To inquire about your rights and obligations in all fields of law, you can take advantage of an offer of an initial consultation where the first 30 minutes are free or for a small fee. In fact, nearly 2,200 lawyers have registered for referral services in various regions in Québec and they offer these services as well.

Information: www.barreau.qc.ca/en/

Pro Bono Québec

Pro Bono Québec handles requests from the public for free legal services with regard to files of a special nature or of public interest or in the case of irreparable harm. It should be noted, however, that these services are not available to anyone who is eligible for Legal Aid.

Information: www.probonoquebec.ca/en/

Young Bar of Montréal (YBM)

One of YBM's main missions is to improve accessibility to justice by offering Montrealers various free legal services, such as:

  • On Wednesday, I can consult my lawyer, a legal information program for 12-20-year-olds
  • Legal consults for businesses, which offer a free, one-hour legal consultation with a member of YBM registered in this program
  • Preparation service for a hearing before the Small Claims Division, the Commission des relations du travail (labour relations commission) or the Régie du logement (rental board)

Information: www.ajbm.qc.ca/en/

Jeune Barreau de Québec (JBQ)

JBQ offers a free pro bono consultation service in dealing with the Small Claims Division. This service is available to people who have received a notice of hearing before the Small Claims Division of the Court of Québec in the district of Québec City.

Information: www.jeunebarreaudequebec.ca

Legal clinics at various universities

The Bureau des services juridiques, within the Law Faculty of Université de Montréal, offers—under the supervision of a team of legal professionals (lawyers and notaries)—a legal consultation service to members of the university community and its affiliated schools.

The Clé de vos droits at the Université de Sherbrooke offers free legal information to students and staff at its university as well as to the general public.

The University of Ottawa's Community Legal Clinic provides legal services to the Ottawa community. The staff, made up of lawyers and law students, offers the public legal education services as well as legal advice.

The legal clinic at the Université du Québec à Montréal offers legal information to the general public. Consultations are free and fully confidential.

Université Laval's Bureau d’Information Juridique has the mandate of providing the community of Québec City and its surrounding area with free legal information service.

McGill University's Legal Information Clinic provides information on most fields of law in Québec and elsewhere in Canada, except tax law and criminal law or matters concerning construction and renovation contracts.

And lastly, there are several community clinics offering various services. The Barreau's Website provides a non-exhaustive list of clinics located in a number of Québec regions: www.barreau.qc.ca/en/

Housing hotline

A telephone hotline has been jointly created by the Barreau du Québec and the Régie du logement to give tenants and owners an opportunity to obtain information on their housing-related rights. A number of lawyers take turns providing this service Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

For further details about this service: www.barreau.qc.ca/fr/public/trouver/regie-logement/ (French).


Éducaloi is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inform Quebecers about their rights and obligations by providing them quality legal information presented in simple, accessible language.


Fondation du Barreau du Québec

The Fondation du Barreau du Québec plays a key role in the field of legal research and provides information to the public through publications intended for the general population.



This site presents information on co-ownership (condominiums) and informs you of your rights and obligations, whether you are a real estate developer, a builder, an administrator, a buyer, a condo owner or a seller.


Small claims file preparation assistance service

In the Small Claims Division, cases are increasingly complex and the financial stakes may sometimes be very high. The Small Claims Preparation Assistance Service is a pilot project that enables the public in the regions of Montréal, Québec City, Montmagny and the Beauce to obtain a referral to a lawyer who can give them help in their case, for a reasonable fixed fee agreed upon in advance. The available fixed-fee services range from $150 to $250, depending on the mandate assigned.

Phone or go to the JurisRéférence Website to get the name of a lawyer offering these fixed-fee services.

1 844 227-3781 | www.jurisreference.ca/en/home
Download the information leaflet (French PDF, 513 KB)


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